Analysis of cement-treated clay behavior by micromechanical approach

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Zhang, Dong-Mei; Yin, Zhenyu; Hicher, Pierre Yves; Huang, Hong-Wei;
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  • Related identifiers: doi: 10.1007/s11709-013-0204-z
  • Subject: microstructure | cementation | debonding | anisotropy | [ SPI.MECA ] Engineering Sciences [physics]/Mechanics [] | [ SPI.MAT ] Engineering Sciences [physics]/Materials | [SPI.MECA]Engineering Sciences [physics]/Mechanics [] | [SPI.MAT]Engineering Sciences [physics]/Materials | clay | micromechanics

International audience; Experimental results show the significant influence of cement content on the mechanical properties of cement-treated clays. Cementation is produced by mixing a certain amount of cement with the saturated clay. The purpose of this paper is to mode... View more
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