Pension benefit insurance and pension plan portfolio choice

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Crossley, Thomas F.; Jametti, Mario;
  • Publisher: Research Inst. for Quantitative Studies in Economics and Population, McMaster Univ. Hamilton, Ont.
  • Journal: volume 95,issue 1 March,pages337-341
  • Related identifiers: doi: 10.1162/REST_a_00216
  • Subject: benefit guarantee | C21 | Garantie | G11 | Kanada | G23 | pensions, bene t guarantee, moral hazard | Moral Hazard | Private Rentenversicherung | pensions | Pensionsfonds | pensions, benefit guarantee, moral hazard | Portfolio-Management | Pensionskasse | Funds | Economics; Social sciences, Mathematical methods
    • jel: jel:C21 | jel:G23 | jel:G11
      ddc: ddc:330

Pension benefit guarantee policies have been introduced in several countries to pro- tect private pension plan members from the loss of income that would occur if a plan was underfunded when the sponsoring firm terminates a plan. Most of these public insurance schemes f... View more
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