Common Variants in Left/Right Asymmetry Genes and Pathways Are Associated with Relative Hand Skill

Article English OPEN
Brandler, William M.; Morris, Andrew P.; Evans, David M.; Scerri, Thomas S.; Kemp, John P.; Timpson, Nicholas J.; St Pourcain, Beate; Smith, George D.; Ring, Susan M.; Stein, John; Monaco, Anthony P.; Talcott, Joel B.; Fisher, Simon E.; Webber, Caleb; Paracchini, Silvia;

This work was supported by the University of St Andrews, the UK Medical Research Council (grant number G0800523/86473 to SP), the Max Plank Society, and the the EU (Neurodys, 018696). Genotyping at the Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics was supported by the Wellco... View more