Effect of Presenilin Mutations on APP Cleavage; Insights into the Pathogenesis of FAD

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Li, Nuomin; Liu, Kefu; Qiu, Yunjie; Ren, Zehui; Dai, Rongji; Deng, Yulin; Qing, Hong;
  • Publisher: Frontiers Media S.A.
  • Journal: Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience,volume 8 (issn: 1663-4365, eissn: 1663-4365)
  • Related identifiers: pmc: PMC4786568, doi: 10.3389/fnagi.2016.00051
  • Subject: Neuroscience | Familial Alzheimer’s disease | Original Research | amyloid β-peptide | γ-secretase | presenilin1

Alzheimer disease (AD) is characterized by progressive memory loss, reduction in cognitive functions, and damage to the brain. The β-amyloid precursor protein can be sequentially cleaved by β- secretase and γ-secretase. Mutations in the presenilin1(PS1) are the most com... View more
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