Vulnerability of dynamic genetic conservation units of forest trees in Europe to climate change

Article OPEN
Schueler, Silvio; Falk, Wolfgang; Koskela, Jarkko; Lefèvre, François; Bozzano, Michele; Hubert, Jason; Kraigher, Hojka; Longauer, Roman; Olrik, Ditte C.;
  • Publisher: Blackwell Science
  • Related identifiers: doi: 10.1111/gcb.12476
  • Subject: klimatske niše | modeliranje | gozdni genski viri | dinamična enota ohranjanja | 630*11 [udc] | FORESTRY | forest ecology | klimatske spremembe

A transnational network of genetic conservation units for forest trees was recently documented in Europe aiming at the conservation of evolutionary processes and the adaptive potential of natural or man-made tree populations. In this study, we quantified the vulnerabili... View more
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