Kato–Nakayama spaces, infinite root stacks and the profinite homotopy type of log schemes

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David, Carchedi; Sarah, Scherotzke; Nicolò, Sibilla; Mattia, Talpo;
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  • Subject: Mathematics - Category Theory | Geometry and Topology | log scheme | Kato–Nakayama space | profinite spaces | 14F35 | 55P60 | root stack | Mathematics - Algebraic Topology | 55U35 | 14F35, 55P60, 55U35 | étale homotopy type | topological stack | infinity category | Mathematics - Algebraic Geometry
    arxiv: Mathematics::K-Theory and Homology | Mathematics::Algebraic Topology | Mathematics::Group Theory

For a log scheme locally of finite type over $\mathbb{C}$, a natural candidate for its profinite homotopy type is the profinite completion of its Kato-Nakayama space. Alternatively, one may consider the profinite homotopy type of the underlying topological stack of its ... View more
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