Environmental impacts of electric vehicles in South Africa

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Xinying Liu; Diane Hildebrandt; David Glasser;
  • Publisher: Academy of Science of South Africa
  • Journal: South African Journal of Science (issn: 0038-2353, eissn: 1996-7489)
  • Related identifiers: doi: 10.4102/sajs.v108i1/2.603
  • Subject: electric vehicles | Q1-390 | H | environmental impacts | IRP 2010 | Q | Social sciences (General) | H1-99 | Science (General) | Social Sciences | Science | emissions | life cycle assessment

Electric vehicles have been seen by some policymakers as a tool to target reductions in greenhouse gas emissions.1,2 Some researchers have shown that the full environmental impact of electric vehicles depends very much on the cleanliness of the electricity grid.3 In co... View more
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