Non-Fermi-liquid to Fermi-liquid transports in iron-pnictide Ba(Fe₁₋ₓCoₓ)₂As₂ and the electronic correlation strength in superconductors newly probed by the normal-state Hall angle

Article, Other literature type English OPEN
Wang, L M; Wang, Chih-Yi; Zen, Sha-Min; Chang, Jin-Yuan; Kuo, C N; Lue, C S; Chang, L J; Su, Y; Wolf, Th; Adelmann, P;

Electrical transports in iron-pnictide Ba(Fe1−x Co x )2As2 (BFCA) single crystals are heavily debated in terms of the hidden Fermi-liquid (HFL) and holographic theories. Both HFL and holographic theories provide consistent physic pictures and propose a universal express... View more
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