Market structure and market access

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Francois, Joseph; Wooton, Ian;
  • Publisher: Munich: Center for Economic Studies and Ifo Institute (CESifo)
  • Subject: Wettbewerbspolitik | Außenhandelsliberalisierung | trade liberalization | F12 | gravity model | F13 | L8 | import volumes, distribution section, market access, services, trade liberalisation, GATS, gravity model | L16 | market access | Außenwirtschaft | Markets and Market Access,Economic Theory&Research,Free Trade,Access to Markets,Trade Policy | GATS | services | import volumes | distribution section | distribution sector competition | Marktstruktur | distribution sector competition; market access; services; trade liberalization; GATS | Theorie | trade liberalisation
    • jel: jel:L80 | jel:L16 | jel:F13 | jel:F12 | jel:L8
      ddc: ddc:330

The authors examine an issue at the nexus of domestic competition policy and international trade, the interaction between goods trade and market power in domestic trade and distribution sectors. Theory suggests a set of linkages between service-sector competition and go... View more
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