Proton-Conducting Sulfonated and Phosphonated Polymers and Fuel Cell Membranes by Chemical Modification of Polysulfones

Doctoral thesis English OPEN
Lafitte, Benoit;
  • Publisher: Division of Polymer & Materials Chemistry
  • Subject: Kemi | polyelectrolyte | materialteknik | Chemical Sciences | lithiation | Makromolekylär kemi | sulfonated polymers | phosphonated polymers | Macromolecular chemistry | fuel cells | proton-conducting polymer membranes polysulfone | Material technology | Materiallära | chemical modification

The proton exchange membrane fuel cell (PEMFC) is currently emerging as an efficient and environmentally friendly power source. The technology is very complex and relies ultimately on materials and components which need further development. One of the major hurdles for ... View more
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