Exploring the Factors Driving Seasonal Farmland Abandonment: A Case Study at the Regional Level in Hunan Province, Central China

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Yu, Zhonglei; Liu, Lei; Zhang, Hua; Liang, Jinshe;
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  • Journal: Sustainability (issn: 2071-1050)
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  • Identifiers: doi: 10.3390/su9020187
  • Subject: natural environment features | Hunan Province of China | TD194-195 | Renewable energy sources | facilities of farming systems | spatial pattern | TJ807-830 | farmland abandonment | spatial regression model | GE1-350 | location | Environmental sciences | Environmental effects of industries and plants | socioeconomic conditions

Farmland abandonment, including perennial and seasonal abandonment, is an important process of land use change that matters most to food security. Although there is a great deal of studies on farmland abandonment, seasonal abandonment, which is as serious as perennial a... View more
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