Mechanical Stabilisation for Bainitic Reaction in a Fe-Mn-Si-C Bainitic Steel

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Yang , J. ; Huang , C. ; Hsieh , W. ; Chiou , C. (1995)
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In this work, the effects of different amounts (5, 10, 20, 40%) of compressive deformation of austenite on the isothermal transformation of bainite in a Fe-Mn-Si-C alloy steel have been investigated. It is found that the prior deformation of austenite retards significantly the bainitic transformation. At the same isothermal transformation temperature, as the amount of prior deformation is higher, the quantity of bainite (which can be obtained after the isothermal transformation is completed) becomes less and it is also more difficult to develop the classical sheaf-like structure. The evidence implies that severe deformation causes mechanical stabilisation of austenite for bainitic transformation.
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