Numerical tools for musical instruments acoustics: analysing nonlinear physical models using continuation of periodic solutions

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Karkar , Sami; Vergez , Christophe; Cochelin , Bruno;
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  • Subject: [ PHYS.MECA.ACOU ] Physics [physics]/Mechanics [physics]/Acoustics [physics.class-ph] | physical models | [SPI.ACOU]Engineering Sciences [physics]/Acoustics [physics.class-ph] | numerical continuation | [ SPI.ACOU ] Engineering Sciences [physics]/Acoustics [physics.class-ph] | [PHYS.MECA.ACOU]Physics [physics]/Mechanics [physics]/Acoustics [physics.class-ph] | periodic solutions | nonlinear dynamical systems

International audience; We propose a new approach based on numerical continuation and bifurcation analysis for the study of physical models of instruments that produce self- sustained oscillation. Numerical continuation consists in following how a given solution of a se... View more
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