The duration of paid parental leave and children’s scholastic performance

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Liu, Qian; Nordström Skans, Oskar;
  • Publisher: Institute for the Study of Labor (IZA) Bonn
  • Subject: human capital | Humankapital | education | Schweden | maternal employment, education, human capital, cognitive skills | Kinderbetreuung | cognitive skills | I21 | Mütter | J13 | J24 | Erziehungsurlaub | Maternal employment | Maternal employment; Education; Human capital; Cognitive skills | Kinder | Bildungsniveau
    • jel: jel:I21 | jel:J13 | jel:J24
      ddc: ddc:370

We study how the duration of paid parental leave affects the accumulation of cognitive skills among children. We use a reform which extended parental leave benefits from 12 to 15 months for Swedish children born after August 1988 to evaluate the effects of prolonged par... View more
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