Single-cell RNA sequencing of mouse brain and lung vascular and vessel-associated cell types

Data Paper, Article English OPEN
He, Liqun; Vanlandewijck, Michael; Mäe, Maarja Andaloussi; Andrae, Johanna; Ando, Koji; Gaudio, Francesca Del; Nahar, Khayrun; Lebouvier, Thibaud; Laviña, Bàrbara; Gouveia, Leonor; Sun, Ying; Raschperger, Elisabeth; Segerstolpe, Åsa; Liu, Jianping; Gustafsson, Sonja; Räsänen, Markus; Zarb, Yvette; Mochizuki, Naoki; Keller, Annika; Lendahl, Urban; Betsholtz, Christer;

Vascular diseases are major causes of death, yet our understanding of the cellular constituents of blood vessels, including how differences in their gene expression profiles create diversity in vascular structure and function, is limited. In this paper, we describe a si... View more
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