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Addressing Neutrino Mixing Models with DUNE and T2HK

Sabya Sachi Chatterjee; Arsenii Titov;
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  • Published: 07 Apr 2018
Comment: 27 pages, 6 pdf figures, 7 tables. The discussion of the T2HKK set-up extended. In Figure 1, a line corresponding to the combined potential of DUNE and T2HKK added. A new appendix on the impact of marginalisation over $\Delta m_{31}^2$ containing one new figure added. One reference added. Typos corrected. Matches version published in EPJ C
free text keywords: High Energy Physics - Phenomenology, High Energy Physics - Experiment, Physics - Instrumentation and Detectors, Neutrino mixing, CP violation, discrete symmetries, tests at T2HK and DUNE, Settore FIS/02 - Fisica Teorica, Modelli e Metodi Matematici, Astrophysics, QB460-466, Nuclear and particle physics. Atomic energy. Radioactivity, QC770-798, Physics and Astronomy (miscellaneous), Engineering (miscellaneous)
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79 references, page 1 of 6
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