Low Fertility of Highly Educated Women: The Impact of Child Care Infrastructure

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Schrage, Andrea;
  • Subject: 330 Wirtschaft | ddc:330 | Kinderbetreuungskosten ; Fertilität ; Bildungsplanung ; Arbeitsangebot; ; endogenous fertility ; child care ; education
    • jel: jel:D13 | jel:H31 | jel:J13 | jel:J22

Most studies of the negative correlation between fertility and education treat education as exogenously raising wages and the cost of child rearing, thus reducing fertility. I relax these assumptions in two respects. First, child costs don't increase with the value of t... View more
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    Kravdal, Âystein 1994: The Importance of Economic Activity, Economic Potential and Economic Resources for the Timing of First Births in Norway, Population Studies 48, 249{267.

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