Low-field spin dynamics of Cr7Ni and Cr7Ni−Cu−Cr7Ni molecular rings as detected by muSR

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Sanna, S.; Arosio, P.; Bordonali, L.; Adelnia, F.; Mariani, M.; Garlatti, E.; Baines, C.; Amato, A.; Sabareesh, K..P..V.; Timco, G.; Winpenny, R..E..P.; Blundell, S..J.; Lascialfari, A.;
  • Identifiers: doi: 10.1103/PhysRevB.96.184403
  • Subject: /dk/atira/pure/subjectarea/asjc/2500/2504 | /dk/atira/pure/subjectarea/asjc/3100/3104 | Settore FIS/03 - Fisica della Materia | fluctuations; magnets | Condensed Matter Physics | spin dynamics | entangle | nanomagnets | Electronic, Optical and Magnetic Materials | muon spectroscopy | nuclear magnetic resonance

<p>Muon spin rotation measurements were used to investigate the spin dynamics of heterometallic Cr<sub>7</sub>Ni and Cr<sub>7</sub>Ni-Cu-Cr<sub>7</sub>Ni molecular clusters. In Cr<sub>7</sub>Ni the magnetic ions are arranged in a quasiplanar ring and interact via an ant... View more