Mapping substructure in the HST Frontier Fields cluster lenses and in cosmological simulations

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Natarajan, Priyamvada; Chadayammuri, Urmila; Jauzac, Mathilde; Richard, Johan; Kneib, Jean-Paul; Ebeling, Harald; Jiang, Fangzhou; Van Den Bosch, Frank,; Limousin, Marceau; Jullo, Eric; Atek, Hakim; Pillepich, Annalisa; Popa, Cristina,; Marinacci, Federico; Hernquist, Lars; Meneghetti, Massimo; Vogelsberger, Mark;
  • Publisher: Oxford University Press (OUP): Policy P - Oxford Open Option A
  • Related identifiers: doi: 10.1093/mnras/stw3385
  • Subject: galaxies: clusters: general | [PHYS.ASTR.CO]Physics [physics]/Astrophysics [astro-ph]/Cosmology and Extra-Galactic Astrophysics [astro-ph.CO] | [PHYS.ASTR]Physics [physics]/Astrophysics [astro-ph] | galaxies: clusters: general galaxies: substructure | large scale structure of the Universe | large-scale structure of Universe | dark matter | cosmology: theory | galaxies: haloes

International audience; We map the lensing-inferred substructure in the first three clusters observed by the Hubble Space Telescope Frontier Fields (HSTFF) Initiative: Abell 2744 (z = 0.308), MACSJ 0416, (z = 0.396) and MACSJ 1149 (z = 0.543). Statistically resolving da... View more