Effects of cognitive factors on social anxiousness among undergraduate students

Research, Article Japanese OPEN
Kouno, Yoshihiro ; Nakanishi, Daisuke (2008)
  • Publisher: 広島大学大学院教育学研究科附属心理臨床教育研究センター
  • Journal: 広島大学大学院心理臨床教育研究センター紀要, volume 6, pages 90-102
  • Subject: public self-consciousness | responsibility | social anxiousness | 140 | social self-efficacy
    mesheuropmc: behavioral disciplines and activities | mental disorders

This study examined the relationship between cognitive factors and social anxiousness. Preliminary survey was administrated to 104 undergraduates to construct the responsibility scale. Twelve items were selected on the basis of item-total correlation analyses, and reliability and validity of the scale were examined. The main survey was conducted to 159 undergraduates using the responsibility scale to find out the correlation between social anxiousness and cognitive variables such as public self-consciousness, social self-efficacy and responsibility. The results show that social anxiousness score was positively correlated with public self-consciousness score, negatively correlated with social self-efficacy score, and partly negatively correlated with responsibility score. Moreover, significant interaction between social self-efficacy and responsibility was found for social anxiousness score. However, contrary to the prediction, the results did not show the positive correlation between responsibility and social anxiousness.
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