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OpenPathSampling: A Python framework for path sampling simulations. I. Basics

Frank Noé; Jan-Hendrik Prinz; John D. Chodera; Peter G. Bolhuis; David W. H. Swenson;
Open Access English
  • Published: 20 Jun 2018
  • Publisher: Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
<jats:p>Transition path sampling techniques allow molecular dynamics simulations of complex systems to focuson rare <jats:italic>dynamical events</jats:italic>, providing insight into mechanisms and the ability to calculate rates inaccessibleby ordinary dynamics simulations. While path sampling algorithms are conceptually as simple as importancesampling Monte Carlo, the technical complexity of their implementation has kept these techniquesout of reach of the broad community. Here, we introduce an easy-to-use Python framework called Open-PathSampling (OPS) that facilitates path sampling for (bio)molecular systems with minimal effort and yetis still extensible. In...
free text keywords: Python (programming language), computer.programming_language, computer, Computational science, Gibbs sampling, symbols.namesake, symbols, Importance sampling, Complex system, Sampling (statistics), Replica, Monte Carlo method, Transition path sampling, Computer science
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TPSNetwork: A, B [A, B], [B, C] [A, B, ..., N], [A, B, ..., N] MISTISNetwork: [(A, mAB, B)] [(A, mAB, B) (A, mAC, C), ..., (A, mAN, N)] [(A, mAB, B), ..., (A, mAN, N), ... ..., (N, mNA, A)] cv_A = paths.FunctionCV( name='opA', f=circle_degree, center=state_centers_A, cv_1=psi, cv_2=phi) state_A = paths.CVDefinedVolume(cv_A, lambda_min=0, lambda_max=10).named("A") iface_A = paths.VolumeInterfaceSet(cv_A, minvals=0.0, maxvals=interface_lambda_levels_A) 0.020 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 λ A B trajectories = [t.ensembles[-1].split(long_trajectory) for t in network.sampling_transitions]

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