Logistics Market Statistics and Opinions about the Supply Chain Management in Romania

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Ramona Iulia Ţarţavulea; Radu Ioan Petrariu;
  • Publisher: Bucharest: The Bucharest University of Economic Studies
  • Subject: supply chain management (SCM), logistics services for the customer, Romanian logistics market, logistics performance index, logistic infrastructure, Third Party Logistics (3PLs), Information Systems for Supply Chain Management. | supply chain management (SCM) | Romanian logistics market | logistics services for the customer | Information Systems for Supply Chain Management | F23 | logistics performance index | M11 | logistic infrastructure | M15 | Third Party Logistics (3PLs)
    • jel: jel:F23 | jel:M15 | jel:M11
      ddc: ddc:330

This paper proposes a research on the development of supply chain management processes in Romania. The main objective of the paper is to present an overview of the development level for logistics services market in Romania, by analyzing representative statistical data i... View more
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