Influence of genotype on contractile protein differentiation in different bovine muscles during foetal life

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Gagnière , Hélène; Ménissier , François; Geay , Yves; Picard , Brigitte; (2000)
  • Publisher: INRA/EDP Sciences
  • Related identifiers: doi: 10.1051/animres:2000132
  • Subject: différenciation | differentiation | bovin | double-muscled<br>---<br>muscle | cattle | culard | fœtus | [ SDV.SA.ZOO ] Life Sciences [q-bio]/Agricultural sciences/Zootechny

International audience; The purpose of this work was to compare muscle fibre differentiation in two genetic types: "normal charolais" and double-muscled (DM) "INRA 95" cattles displaying muscle hypertrophy. Six muscles with different contractile and metabolic characteri... View more
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