Globalization, Inequality, and Corruption

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Harald Badinger; Elisabeth Nindl;
  • Publisher: WU Vienna University of Economics and Business
  • Subject: globalization / inequality / corruption / Globalisierung / Auswirkung / Korruption / Soziale Ungleichheit | Globalization, inequality, corruption | RVK QM 000, QL 415 ; JEL F1, F3, F4, O1
    • jel: jel:F3 | jel:F4 | jel:F1 | jel:O1

This paper presents new empirical evidence on the determinants of corruption, focussing on the role of globalization and inequality. The estimates for a panel of 102 countries over the period 1995-2005 point to three main results: i) Detection technologies, ref... View more
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