Cognitive processing of a child with autism

Doctoral thesis, Master thesis Czech RESTRICTED
Čížková, Kristýna (2013)
  • Subject: Cognitive processing; teorie mysli; oslabená centrální koherence; kognitivní zpracovávání; poruchy autistického spektra; Autistic spectrum disorders; Theory of Mind; Weak central coherence | Cognitive processing; kognitivní zpracovávání; Autism; Autismus

The aim of this work is to describe cognitive processing of a child with autistic spectrum disorder, to pause on its mechanisms and causes. The first part of the work presents a theoretical background for following interpretation of the data acquired in the research. Firstly it briefly defines autistic spectrum disorders, cognitive functioning of individuals with the disorder and above all two main psychological theories of autism: Theory of Mind (S. B. Cohen) and Weak Central Coherence Theory (U. Frith). The second part of the work recounts a process of the research. Its focus lies in a long-lasting work with a girl with autistic spectrum disorder and a girl from intact population. The both girls went through standard theory of mind tests, reading exams aimed at apprehension and mathematic written exercises. Research data come mainly from following interviews with the girls and observation of their procedure of thinking. Gained data were confronted with the mentioned psychological theories of autism. Final analysis shows typical characteristics of cognitive processing of the particular child with autism: detail focusing, physical thinking and perseverance.
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