Setting Fair Prices – Fundamental Principle Of Sustainable Marketing

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Iacob Cătoiu; Diana Maria Vrânceanu; Alina Filip;
  • Publisher: Bucharest: The Bucharest University of Economic Studies
  • Subject: fair price | price fairness | distributive fairness | M31 | sustainable marketing | O10 | sustainable development, sustainable marketing, fair price, price fairness, differential prices, distributive fairness, procedural fairness | sustainable development | M14 | procedural fairness | differential prices
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      jel: jel:M31 | jel:M14 | jel:O10

In commercial area, the price has a major importance, being frequently considered among the main criteria used in buying decision process. Price fairness derives from equity theory and it is focused on assuring in a transaction a reasonable report between the customer’s... View more
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