SimOutUtils - Utilities for analyzing time series simulation output

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Fachada, Nuno; Lopes, Vitor V.; Martins, Rui C.; Rosa, Agostinho C.;
  • Publisher: Ubiquity Press
  • Journal: Journal of Open Research Software (eissn: 2049-9647)
  • Related identifiers: doi: 10.5334/jors.110
  • Subject: I.6.6 | Computer Science - Mathematical Software | Computer Science, Modeling and Simulation | 62-07 | D.2.4 | I.6.4 | G.3 | Simulation; Modeling; Docking; Simulation output analysis

SimOutUtils is a suite of MATLAB/Octave functions for studying and analyzing time series-like output from stochastic simulation models. More specifically, SimOutUtils allows modelers to study and visualize simulation output dynamics, perform distributional analysis of o... View more
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