Representing glaciations and subglacial processes in hydrogeological models : a numerical investigation

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Sterckx, Arnaud; Lemieux, Jean-Michel; Vaikmäe, Rein;
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  • Journal: Geofluids (issn: 1468-8115, eissn: 1468-8123)
  • Related identifiers: doi: 10.1155/2017/4598902
  • Subject: Glaciers | Eaux de fonte | Époque glaciaire | QE1-996.5 | Inlandsis | Geology | Article Subject | Modèles hydrogéologiques

The specific impact of glacial processes on groundwater flow and solute transport under ice-sheets was determined by means of numerical simulations. Groundwater flow and the transport of δ18O, TDS, and groundwater age were simulated in a generic sedimentary basin during... View more
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