Microelement Exploration Water Flow of Rimnik River

Article Turkish OPEN
, N. Bajraktari ; , B. Baraj ; , T. Arbneshi ; , S. Jusufi (2016)
  • Publisher: Selçuk Üniversitesi
  • Journal: (issn: 2636-7661, eissn: 2636-7661)
  • Subject: Rimniku, water quality, sediment, water quality indicators, pollution, monitoring, water protection

Compared to the increasing need on qualitative water use, many water şows are subject to a rising pollution by urban and industrial untreated water discharge, and in some cases by incidental run-offs. Besides them, there is also a great impact made by disseminated agricultural pollution and air and soil rinsing after atmospheric rainfalls. The main purpose of this paper is the micro-element exploration in water and sediments, along the water şow of Rimnik River. Some of the heavy metals: Pb, Cu, Ni, Cd, Fe, Zn and Li have been analyzed from the samples obtained in the speciŞc areas. Some of the physical-chemical parameters and macro-pollutants such as: biological oxygen demand (BOD5), wasted oxygen (OT), ammonia (NH4+), nitrites (NOZ'), nitrates (NO3'), sulfates (8042'), phosphates (PO42), etc. have been also deŞned. Water and sediment samples have been obtained and treated by the envisaged method under the regulation on standard methods, the Şfteenth edition on water and waste water control. Heavy metals in these samples have been assessed using the atomic absorption spectroscopic method (AAS)
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