REGEN: Ancestral Genome Reconstruction for Bacteria

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Yang, Kuan; Heath, Lenwood S.; Setubal, João C.;
  • Publisher: MDPI
  • Journal: Genes,volume 3,issue 3,pages423-443 (issn: 2073-4425, eissn: 2073-4425)
  • Related identifiers: doi: 10.3390/genes3030423, pmc: PMC3899994
  • Subject: QH426-470 | Genetics | evolutionary bioinformatics | phylogeny | neighboring gene pairs | bacterial genome reconstruction | Article

Ancestral genome reconstruction can be understood as a phylogenetic study with more details than a traditional phylogenetic tree reconstruction. We present a new computational system called REGEN for ancestral bacterial genome reconstruction at both the gene and replico... View more
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