A common variant at the 14q32 endometrial cancer risk locus activates AKT1 through YY1 binding

Article, Other literature type English OPEN
Painter, JN; Kaufmann, S; O'Mara, TA; Hillman, KM; Sivakumaran, H; Darabi, H; Cheng, THT; Pearson, J; Kazakoff, S; Waddell, N; Hoivik, EA; Goode, EL; Scott, RJ; Tomlinson, I; Dunning, AM; Easton, DF; French, JD; Salvesen, HB; Pollock, PM; Thompson, DJ; Spurdle, AB; Edwards, SL;

A recent meta-analysis of multiple genome-wide association and follow-up endometrial cancer case-control datasets identified a novel genetic risk locus for this disease at chromosome 14q32.33. To prioritize the functional SNP(s) and target gene(s) at this locus we emplo... View more
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