Electrosynthèse assistée par ultrasons de nanoparticules de fer à valence zéro : étude de la croissance de dépôts et de leur dispersion par ondes acoustiques

Doctoral thesis English OPEN
Iranzo, Audrey; (2016)
  • Publisher: HAL CCSD
  • Subject: Interfacial energy | Nanoparticules de fer zéro-valent | Sonoélectrochimie | Sonoelectrochemistry | Ramified growth | Bubbles oscillations | [ SPI.GPROC ] Engineering Sciences [physics]/Chemical and Process Engineering | Energie interfaciale | Croissance ramifiée | Oscillations de bulles | [SPI.GPROC]Engineering Sciences [physics]/Chemical and Process Engineering | Zero-valent iron nanoparticles

This study concerns the coupling of the ultrasounds with the electrodeposition process for the synthesis of zero-valent iron nanoparticles; it is structured in two sections. The first focuses on the electrode substrate used for the iron electrodeposition and aims to det... View more
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