Job Satisfaction And Family Happiness: The Part-Time Work Problem

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Booth, A.L.; Ours, J.C. van;
  • Publisher: Microeconomics
  • Subject: gender | part-time work | part-time work;happiness;satisfaction;working hours;gender | satisfaction | J16 - Economics of Gender ; Non-labor Discrimination | happiness | I31 - General Welfare, Well-Being | working hours | J22 - Time Allocation and Labor Supply | part-time work; happiness; satisfaction; working hours; gender
    • jel: jel:I31 | jel:J22 | jel:J16

Using fixed effects ordered logit estimation, we investigate the relationship between part-time work and working hours satisfaction; job satisfaction; and life satisfaction. We account for interdependence within the family using data on partnered men and women from the ... View more
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