Uncertainty in climate change projections of discharge for the Mekong River Basin

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Kingston, D. G.; Thompson, J. R.; Kite, G.;
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  • Journal: Hydrology and Earth System Sciences (issn: 1027-5606, eissn: 1607-7938)
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  • Subject: WATER-RESOURCES, HYDROLOGICAL MODEL, CHANGE IMPACTS, GROUNDWATER, ENSEMBLE, COVER, VARIABILITY, STREAMFLOW, CATCHMENT, SCENARIOS | T | G | GE1-350 | Geography. Anthropology. Recreation | Environmental technology. Sanitary engineering | Environmental sciences | Technology | TD1-1066

The Mekong River Basin is a key regional resource in Southeast Asia for sectors that include agriculture, fisheries and electricity production. Here we explore the potential impacts of climate change on freshwater resources within the river basin. We quantify uncertaint... View more
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