Willingness-to-Pay for Multiple Units of Eco-Friendly Wheat-Derived Products: Results From Open-Ended Choice Experiments

Article, Conference object English CLOSED
Wongprawmas, Rungsaran; Pappalardo, Gioacchino; Canavari, Maurizio; Pecorino, Biagio;
  • Publisher: Institute of Food Products Marketing
  • Identifiers: doi: 10.1080/10454446.2015.1121438
  • Subject: demand schedule | double hurdle | open-ended choice experiment, non-hypothetical choice experiment, double hurdle model, willingness-to-pay, demand schedule, eco-friendly product | model | open-ended choice experiment | non-hypothetical choice experiment | eco-friendly product

A non-hypothetical open-ended choice experiment was conducted to elicit Italian consumer willingness-to-pay (WTP) and demand for new wheat-derived products (flour and bread) that were produced by adopting ecological friendly post-harvest technique (high heat-treated, HH... View more