A Simple Method to Estimate Large Fixed Effects Models Applied to Wage Determinants and Matching

Research, Preprint OPEN
Mittag, Nikolas;
  • Publisher: Bonn: Institute of Labor Economics (IZA)
  • Subject: C63 | C23 | wage dynamics | J63 | J31 | multi-way fixed effects | matching | multi-way fixed effects; linked employer-employee data; matching, wage dynamics; | linked employer-employee data
    • jel: jel:C23 | jel:J31 | jel:J63 | jel:C63
      ddc: ddc:330

Models with high dimensional sets of fixed effects are frequently used to examine, among others, linked employer-employee data, student outcomes and migration. Estimating these models is computationally difficult, so simplifying assumptions that are likely to cause bias... View more
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