Flood Disaster Risk Assessment of Rural Housings — A Case Study of Kouqian Town in China

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Zhang, Qi; Zhang, Jiquan; Jiang, Liupeng; Liu, Xingpeng; Tong, Zhijun;
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  • Journal: International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health,volume 11,issue 4,pages3,787-3,802 (issn: 1661-7827, eissn: 1660-4601)
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  • Related identifiers: doi: 10.3390/ijerph110403787, pmc: PMC4024995
  • Subject: risk assessment | rural housings | flood disaster | R | “3S” technology | Medicine | Article
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Floods are a devastating kind of natural disaster. About half of the population in China lives in rural areas. Therefore, it is necessary to assess the flood disaster risk of rural housings. The results are valuable for guiding the rescue and relief goods layout. In thi... View more
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