An integrated approach to single-leg airline revenue management: The role of robust optimization

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Birbil, Ilker; Frenk, Hans; Gromicho, Joaquim; Zhang, Shuzhong;
  • Publisher: Erasmus Research Institute of Management
  • Subject: airline revenue management | dynamic models | single-leg problems | Airline Revenue Management, Dynamic Models, Robust Optimization, Single-Leg Problems, Static Models | robust optimization | static models
    • jel: jel:M | jel:L93 | jel:R4 | jel:C61 | jel:M11

textabstractIn this paper we introduce robust versions of the classical static and dynamic single leg seat allocation models as analyzed by Wollmer, and Lautenbacher and Stidham, respectively. These robust models take into account the inaccurate estimates of the underly... View more
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