Diet composition and food habits of demersal and pelagic marine fishes from Terengganu waters, east coast of Peninsular Malaysia

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Bachok, Z.; Mansor, M.I.; Noordin, R.M.;
  • Journal: Naga, volume 27, issue 3-4, pages 41-47
  • Subject: Fisheries | Stomach content, Demersal fish, Pelagic fish, ISEW, Malaysia, Terengganu, Setiu Estuary,
    • jel: jel:Q00

Fish stomachs from 18 demersal and pelagic fishes from the coast of Terengganu in Malaysia were examined. The components of the fishesÆ diets varied in number, weight, and their frequency of occurrence. The major food items in the stomachs of each species were determine... View more
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