A Regulatory Network of Drosophila Germline Stem Cell Self-Renewal

Article, Other literature type English OPEN
Yan, Dong ; Neumüller, Ralph A. ; Buckner, Michael ; Ayers, Kathleen ; Li, Hua ; Hu, Yanhui ; Yang-Zhou, Donghui ; Pan, Lei ; Wang, Xiaoxi ; Kelley, Colleen ; Vinayagam, Arunachalam ; Binari, Richard ; Randklev, Sakara ; Perkins, Lizabeth A. ; Xie, Ting ; Cooley, Lynn ; Perrimon, Norbert (2014)

Stem cells possess the capacity to generate two cells of distinct fate upon division; one cell retaining stem cell identity and the other cell destined to differentiate. These cell fates are established by cell-type-specific genetic networks. To comprehensively identify... View more
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