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An equation for the quench propagation velocity valid for high field magnet use of REBCO coated conductors

Marco Bonura; Carmine Senatore;
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  • Published: 13 Jun 2016
  • Country: Switzerland
Based on a study of the thermophysical properties, we derived a practical formula for the normal zone propagation velocity appropriate for REBa$_2$Cu$_3$O$_{7-x}$ coated conductors in high magnetic fields. An analytical expression to evaluate the current sharing temperature as a function of the operating conditions is also proposed. The presented study has allowed us to account for experimental results not fully understood in the framework of the models widely used in the literature. In particular, we provided a fundamental understanding of the experimental evidence that the normal zone propagation velocity in REBa$_2$Cu$_3$O$_{7-x}$ coated conductors can be mai...
free text keywords: Condensed Matter - Superconductivity, ddc:500.2, Mechanics, Magnet, Electrical conductor, Quenching, High-temperature superconductivity, law.invention, law, High field, Superconducting magnet, Thermal conductivity, Magnetic field, Materials science
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