Increased growth of colorectal liver metastasis following partial hepatectomy

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Krause, P.; Flikweert, H.; Monin, M.; Seif Amir Hosseini, A.; Helms, G.; Cantanhede, G.; Ghadimi, B. M.; Koenig, S.;
  • Publisher: Springer Nature
  • Journal: Clinical & Experimental Metastasis, volume 30, issue 5, pages 681-693 (issn: 0262-0898, eissn: 1573-7276)
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  • Identifiers: pmc: PMC3663204, doi: 10.1007/s10585-013-9572-y
  • Subject: Partial hepatectomy | Magnetic Resonance Imaging | DNA Primers | Colorectal metastases; CC531; WAG/Rij rat model; Liver regeneration; Partial hepatectomy; Magnetic resonance imaging | Liver Neoplasms | Colorectal metastases | Cancer Research | Oncology | WAG/Rij rat model | Hepatectomy | CC531 | Colorectal Neoplasms | Animals | Rats | Base Sequence | Research Paper | Liver regeneration | Cell Line

Nearly 50 % of colorectal cancer (CRC) patients develop liver metastases with liver resection being the only option to cure patients. Residual micrometastases or circulating tumor cells are considered a cause of tumor relapse. This work investigates the influence of par... View more
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