BEAT 3.0 – a Tool for Integrated Biodiversity Assessments

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Henrik Nygård; Ciarán Murray; Jesper H. Andersen; Georg Martin; Kaire Torn; Samuli Korpinen;
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  • Related identifiers: doi: 10.5334/jors.226
  • Subject: Biodiversity | Integrated assessment | MSFD | Environmental status | Computer software | HELCOM | Indicators | Baltic Sea | QA76.75-76.765 | Biodiversity; Integrated assessment; Environmental status; Indicators; MSFD; Baltic Sea; HELCOM

BEAT 3.0 is a multi-metric indicator-based tool for integrated assessments of marine biodiversity status implemented in R. It follows the structure and requirements of the EU Marine Strategy Framework Directive and allows for use of monotonic, unimodal, conditional, tre... View more
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