3D Printing device adaptable to Computer Numerical Control (CNC)

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GARDAN, Julien; Danesi, F.; Roucoules, Lionel; Schneider, A.;
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  • Subject: Additive manufacturing | rapid prototyping | [SPI.MECA.GEME]Engineering Sciences [physics]/Mechanics [physics.med-ph]/Mechanical engineering [physics.class-ph] | Additive manufacturing, rapid prototyping, CNC machining, wood pulp, wood powder, green manufacturing | green manufacturing | wood pulp | CNC machining | [ SPI.MECA.GEME ] Engineering Sciences [physics]/Mechanics [physics.med-ph]/Mechanical engineering [physics.class-ph] | wood powder | Mécanique: Génie mécanique [Sciences de l'ingénieur]

This article presents the development of a 3D printing device for the additive manufacturing adapted to a CNC machining. The application involves the integration of a specific printing head. Additive manufacturing technology is most commonly used for modeling, prototypi... View more
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