Vehicle recognition and tracking using a generic multi-sensor and multi-algorithm fusion approach

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Nashashibi , Fawzi; Khammari , Ayoub; Laurgeau , Claude;
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  • Subject: Image processing | [ INFO.INFO-AU ] Computer Science [cs]/Automatic Control Engineering | [ SPI.SIGNAL ] Engineering Sciences [physics]/Signal and Image processing | Multi-sensor fusion | [ MATH.MATH-PR ] Mathematics [math]/Probability [math.PR] | [ INFO.INFO-TS ] Computer Science [cs]/Signal and Image Processing | Laser | [ SPI.AUTO ] Engineering Sciences [physics]/Automatic | Belief theory | ADAS | object tracking | [ INFO.INFO-RB ] Computer Science [cs]/Robotics [cs.RO] | vehice detection

International audience; This paper tackles the problem of improving the robustness of vehicle detection for Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) applications. Our approach is based on a multisensor and a multialgorithms data fusion for vehicle detection and recognition. Our ar... View more
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