Purification and characterization of progenitor and mature human astrocytes reveals transcriptional and functional differences with mouse

Article, Other literature type English OPEN
Zhang, Ye; Sloan, Steven A.; Clarke, Laura E.; Caneda, Christine; Plaza, Colton A.; Blumenthal, Paul D.; Vogel, Hannes; Steinberg, Gary K.; Edwards, Michael S.B.; Li, Gordon; Duncan III, John A.; Cheshier, Samuel H.; Shuer, Lawrence M.; Chang, Edward F.; Grant, Gerald A.; Gephart, Melanie G. Hayden; Barres, Ben A.;

The functional and molecular similarities and distinctions between human and murine astrocytes are poorly understood. Here we report the development of an immunopanning method to acutely purify astrocytes from fetal, juvenile, and adult human brains, and to maintain the... View more
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