Citizen-Centric Governance Indicators: Measuring and Monitoring Governance by Listening to the People and Not the Interest Groups

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Ivanyna, Maksym; Shah, Anwar;
  • Publisher: Kiel: Kiel Institute for the World Economy (IfW)
  • Subject: trust in government | rule of law | citizen-centric governance indicators, rule of law, fair governance, service delivery, quality of life, trust in government, government oversight,public opinion | Sozialer Indikator | H10 | I31 | government oversight | H11 | Meinung | O10 | Citizen-centric governance indicators,rule of law,fair governance,service delivery,quality of life,trust in government | service delivery | Lebensqualität | public opinion | fair governance | Welt | H83 | Governance Indicators,National Governance,Public Sector Corruption&Anticorruption Measures,Banks&Banking Reform,Economic Policy, Institutions and Governance | Bürgerbeteiligung | Citizen-centric governance indicators | quality of life | Good Governance
    • jel: jel:H83 | jel:O10 | jel:H11 | jel:H10 | jel:I31
      ddc: ddc:330
    acm: ComputerSystemsOrganization_MISCELLANEOUS | ComputingMilieux_LEGALASPECTSOFCOMPUTING

Governance indicators are now widely used as tools for conducting development dialogue, allocating external assistance, and influencing foreign direct investment. This paper argues that available governance indicators are not suitable for these purposes as they do not c... View more
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