Increased sample volume and use of quantitative reverse-transcription PCR can improve prediction of liver-to-blood inoculum size in controlled human malaria infection studies

Article English OPEN
Hodgson, Susanne H; Douglas, Alexander D; Edwards, Nick J; Kimani, Domtila; Elias, Sean C; Chang, Ming; Daza, Glenda; Seilie, Annette M; Magiri, Charles; Muia, Alfred; Juma, Elizabeth A; Cole, Andrew O; Rampling, Thomas W; Anagnostou, Nicholas A; Gilbert, Sarah C; Hoffman, Stephen L; Draper, Simon J; Bejon, Philip; Ogutu, Bernhards; Marsh, Kevin; Hill, Adrian VS; Murphy, Sean C;

Background Controlled human malaria infection (CHMI) studies increasingly rely on nucleic acid test (NAT) methods to detect and quantify parasites in the blood of infected participants. The lower limits of detection and quantification vary amongst the assays used throug... View more