The evolution of robust development and homeostasis in artificial organisms

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David Basanta; Mark Miodownik; Buzz Baum;
  • Journal: PLoS Computational Biology,volume 4,issue 3 (issn: 1553-734X, eissn: 1553-7358)
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  • Related identifiers: pmc: PMC2274883, doi: 10.1371/journal.pcbi.1000030
  • Subject: Computational Biology | Developmental Biology/Developmental Evolution | Research Article | Evolutionary Biology | Developmental Biology | Developmental Biology/Stem Cells | Evolutionary Biology/Bioinformatics | STEM-CELLS, SCAR-FREE, DROSOPHILA, MORPHOGENESIS, DYNAMICS, REPAIR, REGULATORS, NETWORK, EMBRYOS | Evolutionary Biology/Developmental Evolution | Biology (General) | QH301-705.5

During embryogenesis, multicellular animals are shaped via cell proliferation, cell rearrangement, and apoptosis. At the end of development, tissue architecture is then maintained through balanced rates of cell proliferation and loss. Here, we take an in silico approach... View more
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