Gaze Cueing by Pareidolia Faces

Article English OPEN
Kohske Takahashi; Katsumi Watanabe;
  • Publisher: SAGE Publishing
  • Journal: i-Perception,volume 4,issue 8,pages490-492 (issn: 2041-6695, eissn: 2041-6695)
  • Related identifiers: pmc: PMC4129381, doi: 10.1068/i0617sas
  • Subject: Psychology | social attention | gaze cueing | BF1-990 | Short and Sweet | Pareidolia | face-like objects

Visual images that are not faces are sometimes perceived as faces (the pareidolia phenomenon). While the pareidolia phenomenon provides people with a strong impression that a face is present, it is unclear how deeply pareidolia faces are processed as faces. In the prese... View more
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